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  Mission Statement  

We will prepare our students to become responsible, self-supporting citizens and instill a desire for life-long learning and personal growth.

  About The School  

Fayetteville High School General Information




Fayetteville High School is a K-12 public school located in Talladega County, Alabama.  We are a 1A school with approximately 625 students.  The Fayetteville Wolves' colors are Black and Gold. 


Fayetteville High School is proud to have been named a 21st Century School.  We are part of a technology initiative to equip teachers and students with the diverse technological skills needed to be successful in today's world. 


Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to educate students and to foster respect for others.



Learning Today, Ready For Tomorrow!



  • Our business is to educate all children and to facilitate them to become productive citizens.
  • Every student has the ability to learn at his/her own level/pace.
  • We should look at each child's individual factors and try to accommodate them.  Factors include the following:  Motivation, Home Environment, School Environment, Peer Pressure, Teacher-Student Relations, and Attitude.
  • The focus of the school is to provide students with an environment conducive to learning.
  • The school, parents, and community should work cooperatively to provide the best education possible for each individual student.





Fayetteville High School's Alma Mater

Fayetteville High School Alma Mater

Praise to Thee our Alma Mater  

We shall Ever Sing

And Forever True and Loyal

Honor We Shall Bring

To the School Whose Valiant Spirit

Lead Us Without Fail

Hail to Thee our Alma Mater

Fayetteville, All Hail